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Add a tab to your reading list.

CloseTab will remember it and nudge you to read it later.

Are you scared to close those extra tabs in your browser, afraid you might forget them forever? Maybe it's a really long article or a group of related tabs from your recent research – now you can just #tag them, set a timeout and CloseTab will make sure you finish consuming those tabs in time.

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😊 Smarter Bookmarking

We bookmark links in hopes of reading it later. Some of us though, forget to actually go back and read them. Fearing the endless abyss of bookmarks, we keep these extra tabs open and eventually end up with a browser window of 99 tabs 😊
CloseTab helps by being a little smarter to remind you to come back, keeping track of your reading list. Such that, you can confidently close those tabs now.

😊 Weekly Emails

Without cluttering your inbox, CloseTab starts sending weekly reminders of pending articles you've been meaning to read.

# Timeouts & Tags

You can choose your timeout within which you'd like to come back. The weekly digest will respect the timeout and stop notifying the link if marked read or if the time-out is crossed. Once you open a link from the reminder email, it automatically is marked as read. You can also #tag your links for quicker lookups and groupings.

# 10 Minute Inbox

If you are looking for a temporary inbox that you can use for any purpose, you should check out 10 Minute E-Mail. It is a free and anonymous service that lets you create a disposable email address that expires in 10 minutes. You can use it to receive validation emails, confirmations, passwords, or any other messages that you don't want to keep or reveal your identity.

Open Source

This project grew out of a vision for a newer kind of bookmarking system.The manifesto and the source code is published in github publicly. Take a look if you want to contribute or need to host the service on your own servers.

Source code | Crafted with ❤️ from closetab.email